Palmento – A Great Book about Sicilian Wine and Culture

I forgot to talk about this book about a year ago when I read it.  I just ran across it in the house again and remembered that I had to share.   If you need an new book or know someone that has an interest in Sicilian wine or just Sicily for that matter this is a good one. 

This book is great because it not only talks about a the great wines of Sicily, but also mixes in the experiences that go along with being in Sicily.   For instance the author had me cracking up at the beginning of the book when he is visiting COS winery and explains how he had to follow a Sicilian to the winery.   This led to a great description of his experience of crazy Sicilian driving.  Something that we have to deal with on a daily basis!

I also like how he experienced a lot of what Sicily had to offer in terms of wines.  He didn’t just focus on Etna.  I feel like a lot of people miss out on a lot of great wines that are found in the South and the Southwest of Sicily.

Here is a link to the book:

Palmento: A Sicilian Wine Odyssey (At Table)


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  1. Ha, it’s crazy but I was laughing out loud at the same passage. Function of being there, experiencing your reality and understanding same. Really enjoyed the book and the author’s writing style.

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