Ninnetti Restaurant – A Hidden Gem in the Outskirts of Catania

Blogging is tougher than it looks!  Especially for someone that doesn’t know how to read.  Im being dramatic, but I don’t know how to enjoy reading like a typical human being.  I like to listen to music and have a slight addiction to music videos on YouTube.   And my inability to multitask does not allow for both music and reading to happen at the same time.  Especially when I am going through a random Phil Collins spurt.  I don’t know if its the precise engineering side of my brain, but when I read it takes waaaayyy too long…. like Adam Sandler said in Billy Madison… ” T-t-t-t-t-t-oday Junior”  I have to read every (every) single word, whereas Jess is able to fly through books some how.  I have no idea how I got my Bachelors and Masters.  Maybe I burnt out all my reading skills during those gauntlets.  Anyways not sure why Im going into this other than explaining the fact that I am behind about 100 posts from our European travels and restaurants.  I really have to start dedicating time to power through some writing.  And then maybe someday I will learn how to read…haha 😎

Ninnetti is a place that I have been meaning to write about for about 6 months now.  It is one of our semi-local “go to” places up in the town of San Gregorio.  I found out about it from a local Sicilian that works at the bank and said she saw me in the town of San Gregorio.  Naturally I asked where the place to eat is in that area and she immediately said Ninnetti.  Just like any other place around here, its hard to find.   I would have never found out about it if it wasn’t for her help.

Ninnetti has a great ambiance and menu.  The menu includes one of my favorite pizzas that I have had so far in Italy.   The Mortadella as they title it.  Its a very different pizza with a pistachio paste covered with sliced mortadella.  I know it doesn’t sound that great, but it surprises you.  And judging by the number of them that I have seen ordered,  Im not the only one that thinks this.  Ninnetti also has another location around the corner (Ninnetti at Night or something) with the same menu that is more modern with a bar/club in the back.  Last time we went we heard live American rock music.  Being American we are usually eating when the band is warming up (8:30pm!!) and are in bed by the time the band probably starts its set (probably 1am).  One of these days we will have to stay away from the red wine with dinner so that we don’t get sleepy.  Supposedly we also need to try the fondue according to my bank friend.

If you are in the Aci’s this is definitely a must for the area.  Its a great change up.  Especially since you don’t have to deal with the parking situation in downtown Catania or the Aci’s for that matter.  Reservations on the weekends.

Via Roma, 16 – 95027 – San Gregorio di Catania (CT)

sicily 2578
Ninnetti for lunch. They got crafty with their fish display case in the vespa truck bed.
sicily 2612
Antipasti. Mini Arancini adn Caponata. Both very good.
sicily 2620
Their fries are very good… they are “cottage fry” style… or whatever slang you may have from your part of the states.
sicily 2644
Jess enjoyed her pumpkin ravioli
sicily 2657
I got the special of the day, which was really good. Im a big fan of zucchini flowers
sicily 2700
Diavola pizza on a separate occasion. Molto Buono!
sicily 2697
The Mortadella pizza!


3 Replies to “Ninnetti Restaurant – A Hidden Gem in the Outskirts of Catania”

  1. This is why we have to get back to see you! And we thought we did a fairly good job of exploring the Acis…

    Love, Fancy

    PS. DIDN’t know you had a reading/writing problem…just thought you were never going to post Lipari to keep us anonymous, ha!

    1. I was trying to protect you guys from the instant stardom that comes with being seen on SicilyCiao. If you guys need a good reference for body guards to keep the paparazzi at bay just let me know. 😉

  2. Nick …

    We finally made it this weekend … my wife also loved the Mortadella! I opted for a BBQ chicken pizza (don’t recall the name, but it was scrumptious!).


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