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The weather in Sicily is perfect right now.  The island is turning green very quickly with all of the vegetation starting to grow.  Also it is too early in the year for the tourists to start their occupation of Sicily.  With all this in mind, Jess and I really wanted to explore and find a new winery.  We heard of a winery that was pretty close to where we live.  We tried to organize a little group to share in the experience, but it turned into an episode of herding cats. 🙂 .  So we decided to just fly solo and serve as the guinea pigs for the group.  Luckily we were greeted very warmly at Murgo winery and just in time for a tour of the winery and wine tasting.

Our tour guide was the owners daughter (Agnese) and she spoke perfect English!  As we toured the winery she explained all of the different processes involved from grape to glass.   She also told us about the family history and traditions that have evolved with the winery.  The winery itself is very developed and outputs 9 wines and 3 sparkling wines.  The process for creating the sparkling wine was especially interesting and made me appreciate how much work goes into each bottle.

After the tour we started the wine tasting.  We were lucky in our timing because we were the only people at the winery during our tour and tasting.  This made for a very intimate experience and “El vino” did flow as we sampled 2 sparklings and 8 wines.  We also sampled the olive oils that they produce.  All the wine was delicious.  I think that after a tour showing the process the wine just tastes better..ha.  We did however find our favorites out of the bunch.

Thanks to Murgo Winery and Agnese for giving us a great Sicilian wine experience.   We will be back!

Murgo Website:

Murgo Address:  Via Zafferana, 13, 95010 Santa Venerina Catania, Italy

Click the first picture below for the slideshow. Unfortunately my iphone died towards the end of the wine tasting and I missed out on some pics.

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