Jan 15

Zafferana Sicily

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During the month of October, Sicily has it’s own version of Oktoberfest in the town of Zafferana.  Zafferana is a cool town that is located on the East side of Sicily on the slopes of Mount Etna.  Every Sunday during October they have a celebration with many vendors of all types and a biergarten of sorts.  A lot of food to choose from including lots of honey, which is what Zafferana is famous for.

We made the trip up with our friends Aaron and Ashley to see what this was all about.  It was a good time, but it definitely felt reminiscent of all the other Sicilian town festivals that we have been to.  I think if we went later in the day or at night time the biergarten area would probably be a bit more alive and kicking.  I noticed a big stage getting setup for some music.

The food was cool because it was the Sicilian version of Carnival food.  In San Diego we would go to the Del Mar fair and indulge in the battered and deep fried craziness such as deep fried snickers and elephant ears.  We would stay away from heart stoppers like the deep fried butter.  In Sicily the menu is very different in a good way.  They actually had made to order seafood available for starters.  Also many choices of meats and sausages including the mysterious cavallo.   Just to be clear.. cavallo is horse meat! ha.   Our friend Aaron is a big fan of the cavallo and got a couple servings and we tried it out.  Not surprisingly it tasted like beef.  🙂  But you just don’t feel right as your chewing it.  The desert items were very different and very good.


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