Taormina and Gambino Winery


We took a trip that included the town of Taormina and a nearby winery, Gambino Winery.  We have heard nothing but good things about Taormina from several people so we were looking forward to seeing it ourselves.  Taormina is about 20 minutes north of where we live.  Below are a some photos to give you a feel of the setting.

Taormina with Mt. Etna in the background


Aerial pic of Taormina showing the cliffsides that helped protect the city from numerous attacks
Isola Bella right below Taormina
Main square in Taormina
After touring Taormina we both felt as though it is the “La Jolla” of the Catania Sicily area.  Very clean, picturesque, and expensive.  It was easy to see why Taormina is the most popular tourist destination in Sicily.  I have more pictures that I will put into the flickr photo account that you can access from the homepage.
After Taormina we went onto Gambino winery for some wine tasting and lunch.
HUGE table setup for wine tasting
Great cheeses and salami. My favorite was the smoked ricotta (the bottom cheese in the pic) and the pecorino (the left cheese)
Gambino Winery wine tasting. Great location with great view.


The wines were very good and we ended up buying a few bottles of our favorites.  Our favorites were 2 reds Alicante and Cantari (Nero d’avola grape).  There is more info on the Gambino website and you can even order their wine online:  http://www.vinigambino.it/e_index.html
Taormina hitchhikers
It was a great trip.  We met some nice people and sampled a great variety of the wines offered in Sicily… what more can you ask?  We will definitely be coming back to Taormina and Gambino Winery.  Its great that they are both relatively close to where we are living here in Sicily.
Here are more pictures from our other camera:


10 Replies to “Taormina and Gambino Winery”

  1. Good job on this Nick. Love the produce truck shot and Taormina does remind us of La Jolla. Fancy can’t get over the formal wine tasting table…Molto bello. SHE LOVES YOUR COUPLE PHOTO!!!

    1. Karina,
      We were just up there a week ago and it is really nice during the off season. Plus its real festive right now with the holidays. Auguri!

        1. Definitely Paul! All the wineries have been very welcoming of children. Gambino has updated their tasting area since this post and its much larger and has a lot of open space for kids inside and out.

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