IKEA Catania

I thought it would be funny to show the differences between IKEA here in Sicily and back home in the States.  There is a new IKEA in nearby Catania that is the only IKEA in Sicily.  The store is pretty much the same as back home, but the cafe and food area is definitely different in a good way.

IKEA Catania


Classy IKEA bar with paninis and a full bar
IKEA bar


Surprisingly tasty prosciutto panino at IKEA


It was funny for us to see the differences like a full bar at IKEA.  I wonder why they don’t try that in the States?  It would definitely help ease the pain of getting around the masses of people that meander the large maze that is IKEA.  They also have the usual IKEA cafeteria side as well with the Swedish meatballs that I have never tried, but have always heard good things about.  Anyways just thought I would share our experience here.  We are definitely happy that there is an IKEA nearby to get some random cheap furniture.

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  1. Hazel loves the meatballs! Who knew that the Swedish/Italian combo would even follow you to Sicily? Jess, you can teach the Italians the Swedish grace!

    Fancy enjoys

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