This will be the second time that we went to Enna, although last time we didn’t make it.  Last time our trip got intercepted by the call of the factory outlet mall along the way.  It takes about 1 hour to get to Enna from our place.  Enna is in the smack dab middle of Sicily and has even gotten the nickname of “ombelico” of Sicily, which means navel of Sicily.

The drive to Enna is relaxing because along the way you pass thousands of acres of wide open rolling hillsides and agricultural fields.  You feel like you should be driving with the top down and Andrea Bocelli playing in the background… Well that may be a bit over the top, but you know what Im saying.  Approaching Enna is just as cool because it is over 3000 feet up on top of a mountain.  This location proved invaluable throughout history in defending against many attacks.  For more info on Enna wikipedia has a good synopsis at this link.

We walked through town and went to Castello di Lombardìa, which was an amazing castle.  We then went to the town’s 14th century Duomo.  The Duomo was surprising to Jess and I because we were’nt really expecting it to compare to the big town Duomos.  In my opinion it was almost better than the major duomo’s that we have seen in Palermo, Monreale, and Catania.   The designs and artifacts inside were amazing and it was especially surreal because we were 2 of 4 people inside at the time.  Literally you could hear a pin drop.  We felt holy/enlightened just by being there.  With these kinds of experiences you can see why the Italians are so dedicated to their religion.

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  1. Fancy checking in…LOVE your top down and Andrea Bocelli image! David and I had your same enlightening experience in Piazza San Marco In Venizia…2 of only 4 people in the square. thanks for bringing back the memory.

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