Jun 20

Prague 3 – Torture Chambers and Cinnamon Rolls

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Wrapping up the Prague extravaganza we checked out a few more sights and found our favorite eating place in Prague.  We went deeper into the Palace area and found a cool place that had all kinds of armor that the knights used to wear.  We also stumbled upon a former torture chamber, which gave Jess the chills… and conveniently right outside of this chamber they were selling these delicious cinnamon rolls.  Random!

Overall Prague was a great trip and a big change up from our lifestyle in Sicily.  It was a welcomed change and we definitely enjoyed all the variety of food that we had.  I found Prague to be an interesting place because it felt like the city was still in the process of reinventing itself from its socialist days.  The city was doing it with gusto in certain places like the GIANT in motion pendulum where Stalin once stood or the very expressive museum of modern art that we went to.  But faint little things still reminded me that this place was once socialist.. and I don’t even know if the people living in Prague notice them.  The locals that we interacted with had this weird air of uniformity.  The sandwich shops were eerily the same, where all the sandwiches are already made to exacting replication.  Anyways Im probably thinking too much into this “cog in the wheel” stuff.  All the sights and people were very unique…. and above all else the beer was amazing! 🙂


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    I really enjoy your site. My husband and I could possibly be moving to Sicily so it has been nice to see what it’s like! I was wondering what software you used to create your site. I just love the layout. Thanks.

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