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We have become overwhelmed with all the new wines that we have encountered out here.  This is definitely a happy problem and in an effort to keep track we are going to start reviewing the wines as they come along.  This will serve as our memory so that when we go back to the store we know which wines we liked a lot and which we didn’t.  Hopefully this is also helpful for everyone else out there.

Right off the bat I just wanted to say that we do not consider ourselves wine experts by any means.  Also our taste  and preferred wines may be different from everyone out there.  Everyone has their own favorites in the many different dimensions of wine.  For example Jess and I tend to prefer full bodied reds without any “oaky” and/or “tannic” components.  For whites we prefer very light whites, like a Pinot Grigio vice a Chardonnay.

The point system just seems too complicated and it would be tough to give a particular wine more points than the next, when we aren’t drinking both wines at the same time.  Also we will be drinking wines that would probably be beneath the “wine spectators” of the world, since the majority of our wines will be everyday type of wines at $10 or below.  Don’t get me wrong…. having a $50-$100 bottle of wine everyday would be nice, but it would start cutting into the associated food budget and no one likes hot dogs every night… :)

So the grading system will be very simple with 3 categories.  With so many wines out there I would prefer to be very cut and dry and not have very much gray area.


  • Vespa – Just like the Vespa these wines will get you there and you’ll have a good time, but just doesn’t compare to the Ferrari. This wine is good for the price and if I see it again and need to get another bottle I will pick it up, but I may try a new wine instead. The link to the Vespa wines is:


 You can also reach all of the wine reviews from the menu bar underneath the Sicily Ciao logo on every page of the site.


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