Sep 09

Restaurante Degli Amici – Misterbianco

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Not a lot of food choices in the Sigonella area.  The couple of options get pretty old pretty quickly after a while.  Luckily my friend Mario showed me Restaurante Degli Amici in Misterbianco for a change up every once in a while.   Its a bit of a drive compared to the other options, but it has a great antipasti bar!  Most antipasti bars that I have found look like they have been stranded for days with unappetizing food.   At Restaurante Degli Amici they make it their centerpiece, which is more traditional of a Sicilian restaurant.  They also have some great fresh seafood primi and secondi, including the best calamaretti that I have had so far.   I know what your thinking… I think Nick just made a typo with calamaretti .. but its the word for baby calamari.  They fry them just like normal calamari and they are delicious.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures but they are below:



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