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La Siciliana Restaurant – A Classic in the Catania Area Delivers

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Before we moved to Sicily, (almost 2 years ago now! 😯 ) I did what any normal red blooded American does… I bought a guide book.  The guide book was The Rough Guide to Sicily and I have used it countless times for all different types of reasons.  Im a big fan of Rick Steve’s books as well, but unfortunately he doesn’t have a book on Sicily yet.  The Rough Guide has proven itself pretty solid on restaurant selections over the past couple years and La Siciliana was one of the first ones that I noted waaayyy back before we moved here.  This recommendation was further confirmed by the thumbs up from several of our Sicilian friends, who would always have a funny reaction when I mentioned the restaurant.  It seems that the place has a bit of a reputation as being a fancy hangout for mafioso types.  It must be good if they are going!  Unfortunately we haven’t gotten around to going there until this past Saturday night.

I called and made reservations for 8:00 (Their opening time).  By the way… just wanted to mention that my Italian has gotten to a point where I am comfortable making these kind of calls.  I have to applaud myself when Im able to do these kind of things  because for the most part my Italian is pretty terrible.  So we arrived at 8:00 and as usual we were the only crazy people there at that “early”, which I happen to like for a few reasons.  First you can choose any table in the place.  Second you get great service until it starts getting busy.  Lastly the chef has time to make your dish without stress.  I digress.  We got a great table and sometimes you just have a feeling that you are in for something good and sure enough it delivered!

All of our dishes were top notch.  And the service was definitely a step above every place that we have been in Sicily.  Granted you do pay for this service with an automic servizio charge, which I have never seen before.  Usually its just a simple “Coperto” of 2-3 euros, but La Siciliana implements an automatic 11% servizio (service) charge.  I will gladly pay this amount for the quality of service that we received.  Especially since we are used to paying 20% back in the States at every restaurant.  Without further ado, the pictures and details are below.  Let me know if any of you have tried La Siciliana and have a specific recommendation.  I bet everything on the menu is good.  We will be going back!

Ristorante La Siciliana

Viale Marco Polo 52/a   –  95126 Catania Italy

sicily 2367

Look for this sign

sicily 2370

Nobody home except for the crazy Americans

sicily 2368

All of the plates on the wall were plates from different restaurants around Italy

sicily 2371

Buona Cucina

sicily 2372

Menu was full of solid choices, but not overwhelming. Jess got the rigatoni alla Norma listed under the Primi

sicily 2373

This side of the menu listed “Piatti Consigliati” which are the recommended plates. I got the Rigatoni alici e finocchietto (Rigatoni with anchoive and fennell). Also we got the Involtini di pescespada (Swordfish rolls)

sicily 2375

Great Nero d’Avola that was recommended by the waiter.

sicily 2376

Our appetizer that the waiter suggested: fagottino di sfoglia con carciofi, which translates to “a bundle of pasta with artichokes”. It reminded me of a Greek spinach pie, with the filo dough. The artichoke filling was very good.

sicily 2377

An example of the great service. They dish your pasta tableside. Also in the picture some Italians starting to fill in.

sicily 2378

Jess likes a small amount of cheese on her pasta 😉

sicily 2379

Rigatoni alici con finocchietto. A classic Sicilian dish. Best I have had. Molto Buono!

sicily 2380

Involtini di Pescespada. Swordfish rolls. These were also a recommendation by the waiter… it was definitely the popular secondi of the night. It seemed like everyone was ordering them. Good, but wish I tried something different. Next time!

sicily 2382

A dessert that we discovered in Rome, millefoglie ( thousand leaves). One of our favorites and we were happy they had it even though it wasn’t on the menu.



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  1. From Jess:

    Wifey here, LOL – I have one question….so when are we going back? I don’t say that about many restaurants just so you know. 🙂 The pasta alla norma was THE BEST I’ve had here…you get that little hint of sweetness in it, so good & so fresh. Also, that artichoke appetizer was pretty yummy.

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