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Fratelli La Bufala – Gravina

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After looking at the place in Aci Trezza, we said to Mario that we were starving and he said there is a place nearby.  It was 8:00pm, which by Italian time is waayyy early for dinner.  He pulled into a nearby mall called Katane.  Now pulling into a mall for a restaurant doesn’t usually bode to well in the States so I was immediately put into skeptical mode.  Mario mentioned that they get fresh mozzarella di bufala from Naples almost everyday, which made me rethink this place in the mall.

The name of the restaurant is Fratelli La Bufala (which basically means Buffalo Brothers)

This guy is wondering if we were really coming in here right now


Empty! Except for the crazy Americani that want to eat early … 8pm is not early!!


So as you can see a very cool interior, but also very empty at this hour.  This is definitely not the type of restaurant you find in the malls back home.

We ordered some acqua frizzante and some great wine to start with our focaccia that was very good.  Next we ordered up one of the BIG and fresh mozarella di bufala balls.  They were not kidding around with the size.

Big ball of Mozzarella di Bufala


We literally had to carve the Mozzarella like a Thanksgiving turkey.  It was very good mixed with some balsamic vinegar (aceto balsamico), olive oil, and the focaccia.

A pic of the pizza section of the menu


Cornetto di Bufala – Mozzarella wrapped with pizza dough topped with prosciutto crudo and parmigiano


I went with the Cornetto di Bufala, which was very good.  The only downfall with this choice was that it was very similar to what we were enjoying as our appetizer with the bread and the mozzarella.  I definitely recommend this dish.

Jess and Mario ordered a couple pasta dishes that looked really good as well.  Jess’s dish used pappardelle pasta, which is one of my favorites… so naturally I had to sneak a taste and it was very tasty.  Her item was one of the chefs specials that night so I dont think it will be on the menu next time.

Overall this is definitely on our top list as of now and we will be returning.  I think what Im going to start doing is keeping a top 10 list for the local restaurants.   So right now this place is sitting number 1!


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  1. From Jessica:

    You only get the chef special when you go with Mario who can order it in Italian and is friends with the whole staff, ha — My dish had cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and olive oil/cheese…it was really good & fresh!

    Posted on August 18, 2011 at 9:53 am #
  2. From Dtfennell:

    Food photos ain’t easy…you guys are blessed by the lighting gods. Looks so good, I’m catching a flight tonight!

    Posted on August 20, 2011 at 5:55 am #

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