Ristorante Cala Rossa – Catania

Jess and I were ready for our own adventure out into Catania.  Our plan was to go down to Aci Trezza to try a restaurant by the water, but along the way we hit some major traffic.  Everyone on Sicily was trying to get to the same area on this summer night.  Along the way we spotted a promising looking restaurant and we decided to throw in the towel on battling the traffic.  The name of the restaurant is Ristorante Cala Rossa and here is a link to their website.

It was only 7:30 so of course the restaurant was completely empty.  We exchanged some of our broken Italian with the waiter and picked a spot out on the enclosed patio area.  The menu looked great and was dominated with seafood.

I don’t think Jess will order her dish next time, but this was a great dinner.  A bit pricey, but the good service and ambiance makes it worth it.

The trip back home turned into an adventure.  We got a flat tire on the tangenziale from a big chunk of metal that punctured our tire.  It was a pretty funny scene as I changed the tired at a nearby gas station.  A bunch of Italians were hanging out having gelato and decided to gather around and watch me change the tire.  It would have been a funny picture.

Doughnut successfully installed for the gelato gang


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