McDonalds ?

Does this look like McDonalds?


I don’t see the monotonous and bland interior, nor do I see the random mystery stains on the tables or on the attached plastic chairs.

Okay I guess the Italians got it right with all the design work on the interior, but the food can’t be as good right?  I’m a somewhat embarrassed American when I say that their food is actually better… and to add insult to injury…  they serve Peroni beer!



There are a few McDonalds in the area, two of which are brand new.  The brand new McDonalds are near a couple of recently built malls that are also very nice. ( Centro Sicilia and Etnapolis)  Jess is a big fan of these malls.

I know this seems ridiculous to have a post about McDonalds of all places,  but the McDonalds here are unbelievable.  I hope that this is a trend that continues with new McDonalds back in the States.  Its a completely different experience.  With these Sicilian McDonalds I’m actually proud to say that I’ve been a McDonalds shareholder for some time.  It’s a great way for us to get a taste of being back home in America with an Italian flair.

We almost feel proud to be American when we go in and see the Italians enjoying.  It feels like our own home field in Sicily… its fun to order the food knowing that we are saying it correctly for a change.  No Francesco…  it’s not “Chess Borgor” …. its “Cheeseburger”  🙂

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    1. The free refills would be great… except McDonalds would probably not enjoy the clean up if they offered free refills on Peroni. 😉

    1. Hi Michael,
      The pictures above were at a new McDonalds just outside of Catania at the new Centro Sicilia mall area. Although Im sure that Palermo also has its share of McDonalds. 🙂

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