Cooking Lesson: Pesce al Sale

There was an outing organized for a cooking lesson at a downtown Catania restaurant called Ristorante Crociferi.  I was lucky enough to get the day off of work, but Jess was not able to join in.  The lesson was Pesce al Sale (Salt Fish), which is a very traditional Sicilian dish.  This marked the first time that I tried the dish let alone made it.

Surprisingly it is very easy to make.  You basically make a salt paste with coarse and fine salt mixed with water.  You then cover a cleaned out whole fish with the paste and bake it.  The coating of salt traps all of the moisture and fish flavor and makes for a very tasty dish…. surprisingly the fish does not taste salty!

We had a great lunch paired with our fish. Thanks to Ristorante Crociferi for allowing crazy Americans to come into their kitchen.

Ristorante Crociferi

Piazza S. Francesco 14 Catania


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