New Pages On SicilyCiao

Now that the site has established itself Im trying to organize it a bit.  I added 5 new pages to try and build some structure.  The pages will contain broad information about Sicily that I think is interesting regarding the food and culture we are surrounded by.  These pages will also have links to related stories.

The following are the new pages that you may have already seen:

You can access these pages by clicking the links at the top of the site.  Just look for the titles… “Sicilian Food”  “Sicilian Wine” etc.  You can see them right now if you scroll up to the top of the page.

Also you can access these pages by clicking on the links on the right sidebar of th homepage in a box that is labeled “Sicily Ciao Pages” .  All the pages are listed within that box with the links.

Hope you like these pages.  I will be updating them continuously… Especially the Sicilian Food page where I currently have all of the courses of an Italian meal listed with a typical Sicilian menu.

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