Top 5 Restaurants in Catania Sicily

This is dangerous territory that Im encroaching on.  People have very strong opinions when it comes to saying “The Top” in any category.  I hope that this does encourage some feedback so that we can all learn from each other.  Hopefully this is helpful to you and everyone can share some more ideas of spots to try.  We need all the help that we can get as Americans in Sicily.  Especially when some of the best restaurants Continue reading “Top 5 Restaurants in Catania Sicily”

Eat Pizzeria Catania – An Eating Let Down

I like to keep it pretty positive on Sicily Ciao here, but at the same time I think its important to point out disapointments as well.   We had a group of about 8 of us that were starving after a night at Teatro Massimo Bellini.  Luckily we were still early in “Italian time” for dinner and were able to sit down right away as we basically opened the place.  Eat Pizzeria is a place that I have been wanting to try because it is ranked as one of the top 3 restaurants in Catania on TripAdvisor.  I use TripAdvisor a lot and especially Continue reading “Eat Pizzeria Catania – An Eating Let Down”

Mm Restaurant Catania – Freshest Fish in the World

Okay maybe Im being a bit dramatic with the whole “Freshest fish in the world”, but it has to be at least in the top percentiles.  Mm has it made because they are literally located right in the square of the fish market in downtown Catania.  They don’t need to worry about fish delivery trucks breaking down or ice melting… they just walk out their front door and grab the fresh fish.  In my opinion freshness makes a HUGE difference when it comes to seafood.  From my days of catching fish in San Diego or Michigan, if you caught and ate a fish in the same day it was guaranteed to be Continue reading “Mm Restaurant Catania – Freshest Fish in the World”

La Siciliana Restaurant – A Classic in the Catania Area Delivers

Before we moved to Sicily, (almost 2 years ago now! 😯 ) I did what any normal red blooded American does… I bought a guide book.  The guide book was The Rough Guide to Sicily and I have used it countless times for all different types of reasons.  Im a big fan of Rick Steve’s books as well, but unfortunately he doesn’t have a book on Sicily yet.  The Rough Guide has proven itself pretty solid on restaurant selections over the past couple years Continue reading “La Siciliana Restaurant – A Classic in the Catania Area Delivers”

Ninnetti Restaurant – A Hidden Gem in the Outskirts of Catania

Blogging is tougher than it looks!  Especially for someone that doesn’t know how to read.  Im being dramatic, but I don’t know how to enjoy reading like a typical human being.  I like to listen to music and have a slight addiction to music videos on YouTube.   And my inability to multitask does not allow for both music and reading to happen at the same time.  Especially when I am Continue reading “Ninnetti Restaurant – A Hidden Gem in the Outskirts of Catania”

Lipari Island – A Sicilian Getaway

What do you do when you are on an island for an extended period of time? You go to a smaller nearby island. Sorry for the random thought, but I think its funny how many islands we have been to over the past couple years. We might have an obsession with them or maybe some type of “hermit” psychological brain condition that we should spend some time looking into. But who has time for that when there are so many islands to visit in the Mediterranean. MUST SEE more islands. One thing that I like about islands is that they always have their own identity. Lipari definitely has its own identity despite the fact that it is less than an hour away from Sicily via hydro boat (or is it hydrofoil? Continue reading “Lipari Island – A Sicilian Getaway”

Blanc a Manger – A French restaurant in Catania Italy?

Catania!  I have to yell its name because I have a love hate relationship with this city.  If thats possible.  It has such beautiful sights, but has graffiti nearby.  It is pretty close to where we live, but yet so far away due to the possessed Fiat drivers and triple occupied scooters trying to run me off the road.  Tremendous food and market options, but nowhere to park.  Or if you do find parking you need to haggle with the guy who waved you into the completely free parking.  Catania is so close to being a great city, but it hangs onto its dark side.  At the same time I love Catania for this because it has refused to give Continue reading “Blanc a Manger – A French restaurant in Catania Italy?”

Menza – Catania

Menza is a cool little restaurant in downtown Catania that has every traditional Sicilian dish… and the best part is that its all ready to go!  You walk into a room of glass cases stuffed with all sorts of Sicilian delicacies.  The dishes range from antipasti like octopus salad (Insalata di Polpo) all the way through to secondi like Palermo style swordfish (Pesce Spada Palermitana).  Also one whole side of the place is dedicated to the sweets!  Very cool place that I Continue reading “Menza – Catania”

Restaurante Degli Amici – Misterbianco

Not a lot of food choices in the Sigonella area.  The couple of options get pretty old pretty quickly after a while.  Luckily my friend Mario showed me Restaurante Degli Amici in Misterbianco for a change up every once in a while.   Its a bit of a drive compared to the other options, but it has a great antipasti bar!  Most antipasti bars that I have found look like they have been stranded for days with unappetizing food.   At Restaurante Degli Amici they make it their centerpiece, which is more traditional of a Sicilian restaurant.  They also have some great fresh seafood primi and secondi, including the best calamaretti that I have had so far.   I know what your thinking… I think Nick just made a typo with calamaretti .. but its the word for baby calamari.  They fry them just like normal calamari and they are delicious.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures but they are below: