SicilyCiao is a journal of our move to Sicily with an emphasis on the “Chow”… or at least thats what Im going with for now.  Im sure over time it will change sporadically, that is if I don’t get bored with writing.  (Writing for an unknown reader is tougher that it looks… this paragraph has taken me an embarrassing amount of time)

My wife Jessica and myself (Nick) decided to move to Sicily for a job opportunity that came my way.  

Hope you enjoy the stories and food.  Please interact…   I need motivation. 🙂

The site is broken up into 3 major groups:

  1. Travel – Both on Sicily and abroad. Link
  2. Food – Focusing on local Sicilian food, but also covering our trips. Link
  3. Wine – Reviews of wines and experiences at wineries.  An explanation of my wine reviews is at this link.


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