Welcome to SicilyCiao.com!  This site was started by myself (Nick) and my wife (Jess) as a place to keep track of our 5 years in Sicily.  The food of Sicily and Italy was the main subject, but naturally it expanded to include the local wines to accompany the food.  We also talk about our travels to and from Sicily to many parts of Europe.   Over the years we collected many Sicilian and Italian recipes that became a regular part of our life.  We practiced these recipes and translated them to American ingredients and measurements, so that the recipes could “live on” once we returned to America.    We hope that you enjoy your time on our site and we would love to hear from you.

Sicilian Food

Sicilians are Sicilians first, European second, and Italian third.  That mentality translates to the food of Sicily as well.  Sicilian food is unique with traditions and ingredients all their own.  On this site we explore this food from Sicilian restaurant reviews, Sicilian recipes, and random Sicilian food encounters. 

Sicilian Wine

Surprisingly Sicily has more vineyards than any other Italian region.  Sicily also competes with Apulia  as the largest wine producer in Italy.  Formerly only known for fortified wines, Sicily has started emerging as a premium contender with extraordinary reds and whites.  Sicily’s very diverse landscape allows for a full variety of grapes.  On the site there are wine reviews and winery visits that I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to let us know of other Sicilian wines that you have tried too!


The rumors are true… European travel is great!  It is super easy and inexpensive to get anywhere in Europe.  We traveled until our legs gave out, but luckily even while staying home in Sicily there is a ton to see on the island.  Our travel stories will hopefully show some insights and help with the overwhelming options in European travel.